Tropic Gothic: A Goth in Hawaii
Hey D. I love the gothic lolita and the rockabilly look but my skin is very taaaann. It's hard for me to really achieve a 'pale' look that I like. I'm almost giving up on it. Any tips?

I know exactly how you feel!

For a long time I thought I couldn’t rock the Gothic Lolita and Rockabilly look because of my skin color. When I’m a bit too pale I come off a sort of manilla folder color. My Asian decent (Japanese) doesn’t make for pretty pale skin in my opinion.

Also I’m from and live in Maui. So yeah, trying to avoid the sun here when you tan quite easily, is futile.

Here I would say it is all about the colors you choose:

I would say look out for colors that compliment your skin! For example colors that make your skin appear glowingly, lighter or darker. Ask yourself when you try on a color, does compliment my skin or do I just like the color?

I had always written off orange because I dislike the color but it makes my skin have a peaches and cream hue.

Brown makes me look tan.

Tan makes me look brown.

Me in sweet lolita

Black makes me look verrrrry tan.

Nothing wrong with that! Red is a great color for my skin no matter how light or dark I look (because I fluctuate depending on how much time I just spent outside).

If you like the way your skin looks ‘pale’ look for colors that make that stand out. Orange works for me but I have yellow based skin tone because I’m Japanese and Jewish.

My Filipino girlfriends look gorgeous with colors I could NEVER pull off like hot magenta and highlighter teal.

I would say go for colors that look good but stay with Rockabilly and gothic lolita cuts of clothing.

Also Rockabillly and lolita looks are what you make of them which is what my blog is all about.

For example:

I’m never going to be pale even when I eventually go to the mainland. Luckily, I grew up thinking tan and brown skin are gorgeous. It took awhile to apply it to my skin but after a while I got the hang of it. Be proud of your gorgeous skin! It’s yours! If you want inspiration for how to rock that look google goths of color. Or check out the tumblr Imsogothiwasbornblack. Goths, and alternative fashion doesn’t need to be pale skin-centric.

Good luck Anon,

Tropic Gothic